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Giraffe Points

Giraffe Points

Giraffe Points


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Product Description

We often get asked for extras such as a design service, quicker turn around, delivery ‘now’ by motorcycle courier…and more.

In order to facilitate this, we have set up Giraffe Points. Each point is priced at £5.

So if you are asking for something beyond our regular service such as same day delivery then we will ask you to purchase, for example 3 Giraffe Points – this equates to £15, and would pay for us placing your order on a courier. Obviously this is only one example.

What can I buy with Giraffe Points?

Design work
Will be quoted in advance at an hourly rate of £40 (8 Giraffe Points).

Printing Extras
For example you might want a card produced which is 210 x 210 mm, we can do this, but as a bespoke item it will cost more.
We will simply ask you to add to the shopping cart a specified number of ‘Giraffe Points’.

Any Extras
The system is flexible, and we have introduced this rather than having to say ‘no…sorry, we can’t do that’.

How to request….
Please ensure you contact us to discuss your requirement – the best method is a short description using our email form.